'The Big Book about Sophie' is now for sale on Amazon.com.

From now on you can buy ‘The Big Book about Sophie’ on Amazon.com.

'Sophie and the golden worms' published!

Finally the story of Sophie and the golden worms has been published here. Read the gripping story about all the strange things that went on in Sophie's garden here!

Sophie's fourth story scrutinized

My friend Jasper went to the Virgin Islands to correct the English version of Sophie and the Golden Worms:
IMG_4902-St Thomas-Sophie

Maria Carabin has also been hard at work, correcting the story at her home in Switzerland:
2009_02_01_maria reading Sophie 004

The new story will appear as soon as possible on this site. So keep coming back for more news!

The fourth story about Sophie made it over the Atlantic already!

Here you see how the Dutch version of the fourth story about Sophie, "Sophie and the golden worms," is being reviewed by Jasper on the beach on a small island in the Gulf of Mexico.
IMG_4498-Cancun-Ambiance Villas-Sophie on the beach
Luckily you can just about not read the text.

IMG_4499-Cancun-Ambiance Villas-Sophie on the beach

Full versions of Sophie's stories on the website

Today I put the full versions of Sophie's stories on the website. Enjoy!

New story about Sophie in the making!

On popular request I started on a new story about Sophie. Again she has a strange and exciting adventure. Linda and Sophie find a few crosses, drawn on the walls of Sophie's house. They are curious to who put them there, but Sophie's father forbids them to stay up at night to find out. One evening, when Linda comes over to Sophie's house, she finds a man fiddling with the door in the wall that surrounds the garden. What is he up to? Does he have anything to do with the strange crosses Sophie and Linda found? The upcoming story will reveal all that, and more!

I hope to have written, translated and published the new story on this website in early summer, 2008. Stay tuned!